A traditional doughnut “dough” using yeast. Flavoured with pumpkin, topped with a coffee glaze. Deep fry or oven bake!
Make your own soft & delicious pita bread. These puffy little pillows are ready from start to finish in less than 1 hour!
Light Redcurrant Rolls are a timeless dessert, breakfast or snack. Try a delicate taste of fresh yeast, warm milk, sour redcurrants and sweet vanilla.
The very best Homemade Pretzel Bread Recipe! You will win hearts by making this recipe. Say goodbye store-bought pretzel bread forever!
Nothing can compare to a soft baked Brown Butter Beignet topped with a sweet orange brown butter glaze.
Sweet yeast pastries with ricotta cheese or plums. They look a bit like roses due to the special wrapping of the dough. Dairy and dairy-free version.
Sweet yeast dough, filled with a rich concoction of hazelnuts, dark chocolate, sugar and butter. Wickedness never tasted so good!
There’s nothing like baking homemade bread, especially when there’s no kneading involved. You heard right! This recipe for Rosemary Olive Beer Bread is delicious and simply knead-free.
yeast dough on cream
Cheesy Crescent Rolls
These yeasted flatbreads are easy to make and are great to make Greek style sandwiches.
Braided challah bread – simple, yet so delicious
This working with yeast is scary? It isn’t! This recipe for EASY Buttery Yeast Rolls will make you the star of Thanksgiving dinner!
You can make fluffy, homemade yeast-risen dinner rolls in just 35 minutes with this recipe.
Step by step method to make a real Genoese sage focaccia! (With sourdough or yeast)
Delicious homemade oats bread with maple syrup and walnuts.
Ooey gooey monkey bread full of cinnamon and sugar
Sweet layer of plums on a yeasted sweet base, covered with gooey buter cake with crispy top Unique and super delicious cake. (English version included)
Graham rolls
Chewy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, these garlic & coriander flatbreads are so versatile (and sooo good!)
Spicy Indian flavored bread with onions and herbs — makes an excellent grilled cheese sandwich.
zlabia delicious cookies
Popular street food from Madagascar — Yeasted pancakes made with rice flour and cream of rice.
Yeasted Middle Eastern flatbread spiced with Za’atar spices — soft & fluffy and great to make sandwich wraps.
Hungarian treat: kurtos kalacs. Also called a chimney cake, for it’s chimney-like appearance. Amazingly fun to eat!
These long sandwich rolls are great for making hoagie sandwiches.
Quick and easy to make — this Nutella swirl bread is sure to be a winner.
Mildly spiced with caraway, fennel & anise seeds, this Swedish limpa has a nice soft crumb and is great with butter & jelly.