It’s officially soup season. A clear & light-tasting Baby Kale & Tofu Soup cooked in homemade soybean broth/stock brings comfort & warmth
Teriyaki Tofu & Veggie Protein Bowl
Do you think tofu is bland and boring? This recipe of Vegan Tofu Meatballs with Basil is a fun way to add vegan protein in your meals.
Roasted Cauliflower & Tofu With Sauce Gribiche [ vegan]
Jamaican Tofu Scramble [ vegan]
Vegan Tofu Bolognese. It was about time we veganized the Italian classic. Please welcome, the amazing Anti Bolognese!
Saag Tofu – Indian spiced spinach with crunchy turmeric tofu. Healthy. Vegan. Delicious.
This recipe for Buddha’s Delight is a classic Asian dish full of mixed vegetables and tofu in a savory sauce.
Lime & Lemon Tofu Cheesecake. Delicious, refreshing, indulgent and healthy!
Vegan & gluten-free Crispy Hoisin Tofu is crusted with the most delicious combination of spices & hoisin sauce!
Asian Tofu Salad, High in Protein, Low-carb and Vegan. A crunchy and colourful mix of delicious vegan foods that look great and taste even better!
This melt-in-your-mouth Szechuan eggplant is pan fried, coated in a garlicky sweet-spicy sauce and served with crispy tofu over a bed of rice.
This super easy ice-cream is healthy, vegan, gluten free and you don’t need an ice-cream maker to prepare it at home.
Here’s a fancy-schamncy version of the classic Chinese dish, loaded with sweet lobster and Sichuan peppercorns to make your tongue tingle.
Spicy chipotle tofu layered over brown rice, a huge dollop of freshly made zesty guac and some nice queso fresco – the perfect quick and easy vegetarian burrito bowl to whip up on a weeknight
Chocolate Peppermint Tofu Ice Cream is vegan ice cream that tastes like a frozen thin mint cookie. Made with tofu and almond milk. No dairy
Spicy and filled with veggies Indo-Chinese fusion noodles.
Tofu Waffles with Baked Banana Sauce. A delicious and healthy breakfast for Mother’s Day.
This udon noodle bowl with sesame ginger broth is light, simple, satisfying and full of wonderful textures.
Vegetarian rice paper rolls made with creamy avocado, crunchy carrots and cucumbers, silky vermicelli noodles, and spicy Sriracha tofu. Yum!
Compressed Rice Cakes in Vegetables Curry, a.k.a Lontong
Spaghetti squash, sugar snap peas, and baked tofu cubes make this delicious veggie chow mein a quick & healthy main dish.
Kale & Tofu Scramble Stir-Fry
a delicious vegan quiche made with tofu on a mixed vegetable rosti crust.
Brown Rice bowl with crispy tofu, veggies and citrus-soy dressing.
Tofu Popcorn. A delicious appetizer, especially if you accompany them with your favorite salsa. {English & Spanish}
Decadent Chocolate Silk Pie. A luscious dessert, perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. {English & Spanish}
Vegan Mexican Chorizo. Whether you are vegan or not, you should try this chorizo version. {English & Spanish}