Chocolate Chess Pie Tartlets – enjoy this Southern classic pie in bite-sized form.
Tangy, sweet and freakishly addictive! These tropical passion fruit tarts demand your immediate attention!
“Phantom” – Contemporary Chocolate Raspberry Entremet Cakes
These Pineapple Rum Tartlets pack a punch of flavor! Fresh pineapple gets drenched in a sugary, rum concoction and layered into a sweet and crumbly cr
Delicious Mini Tarts with Almond Coconut Frangipane, Lychee Cremeux, Pistachio Pastry Cream and Raspberries.
Here’s the ultimate make-ahead hors d’oeuvres for your holiday party! Savory Mushroom Tartlets are sublime!
Delicious and super easy coconut bites with chocolate mousse
You will love them with just one bite! These peach tartlets are a great summer treat, without feeling too guilty for the calories!
Lemon meringue shortbread tartlets
Blueberry mango curd shortbread tartlets
Lemon Curd Tartlets – these tiny tartlets pack a huge lemon punch!
Lentil Taco Tartlets – a flavorful lentil crust holds the zesty southwest filling and cheesy topping of these little appetizers.
Cute, bite sized tartlets with creamy ricotta filling and sweet strawberries — quick and easy dish to make for Valentine’s day.
Mini apple pie tartlets are as delicious as they sound. Easy to make dessert, perfect for Christmas or any other festive occasion. Ready in 30 minutes
Cute apple tartlets – a perfect snack or dessert. (Paleo, Gluten-Free)
Individual tartlets of pure pecan pie yumminess !
Easy and so delicious
Smoked Salmon Tartlets with Arugula and Dill are creamy, smokey, and elegant.
Spinach and Arugula Tartlets
Strawberry-Almond Tartlets with Sour-Cream and Chocolate Topping
If you like the way Rhubarb brings out the best in Strawberries, then you’ll love these Strawberry Rhubarb Tarts! The Pie Crust is Flaky, Tender, and Buttery, and the Individual Portions are adorable!
Crunchy, buttery tartlets filled with sweet sauce of fresh strawberries. You can almost taste the summer.
Mini cherry tomato, goat cheese and thyme galettes with buttermilk pastry.
Tartlets with broccoli and cauliflower cheddar
Blood Orange Tarts with Biscoff Cookie Crust: Sweet, Silky Citrus Curd Loves Toasty, Caramelly Biscoff Cookies!
Delicious french tartlets with a chocolate-coffee filling and a layer of bitter orange marmalade
Rustic in form, tartlets with creamy white chocolate and kiwi
Sweet but fresh. Lime tartlets with white chocolate