Sweet Potato Leaves Salad (Talbos ng Camote Salad)
Aside from a dip, Beet Hummus makes a wonderful salad dressing while adding vibrant color to the dish.
Teriyaki Tofu & Veggie Protein Bowl
Rainbow Veggie Hummus Bowl – chock-full of colorful, nutrient dense vegetables and delicious plant protein. Served with gluten-free Almond Flax Pita Bread.
Zucchini Flower Salad with Feta and Dried Herring
Curry Chickpea Chicken Salad – A unique and healthy take on traditional chicken salad that uses almond butter in lieu of mayonnaise. Gluten-free, dairy-free.
Sweet & Salty Salad – a satisfying combo of salty bacon, sweet apples, and dates with a creamy honey goat cheese dressing.
Kale Beet Salad with Ginger is topped with a ginger dressing that pairs really well with the earthy beets, kale, and pecans for crunch.
The best fall ingredients come together in this arugula salad with apple and pecan, just in time for an appearance on your holiday table this year!
Chopped Thai Kale Salad
A delicious & nutritious kale salad topped with a rich, succulent & crispy piece of pork belly. Perfect salad harmony!
Mushroom and arugula salad with goat cheese, toasted walnuts, and celery – tossed in shallot mustard and truffle oil vinaigrette, this salad is bursti
Apple, Edamame and Chickpea Salad with fresh parsley is a tasty salad or side dish!
The best way to eat your vegetables is in this grilled summer salad with zucchini pappardelle, grilled onions & tender corn with feta!
This Harvest Farro Salad with Kale and Butternut Squash is the perfect healthy autumn meal. Full of fresh fall flavors, cranberries, pecans, and a punchy apple cider vinaigrette.
An incredibly fresh, flavourful & yet simple Pear Walnut Salad with a lovely Maple Cinnamon Dressing.
Beans and shells salad with green onions (in french)
Vibrant colorful Thai Peanut & Quinoa Salad. Both vegan and gluten free, it is packed with vitamins, fibers, and proteins.
Highly nutritious, filling and satisfying, this Shredded Chicken Salad has a delicious Asian flavor profile that’ll have you coming back for more!
Summer meets fall in this surprising but insanely delicious Beet Mango Salad. Dare give it a try: you won’t believe how good the combination!
Lomi Lomi Salmon avocado halves – a perfect appetizer to impress your guests with, plus the taste of avocado goes very well with a dish!
Make this easy Garbanzo Chicken Salad for a quick and healthy school lunch or after-school snack. Serve in a pita or on your favorite bread.
Bring on the maracas! This black bean and corn salad tastes just like a Mexican Fiesta is happening right inside your mouth!
Heirloom Tomato Cornbread Salad – easy, fresh, delish! Heirloom tomatoes, homemade cornbread, white balsamic, olive oil, & shaved Parmesan.
Orzo, Greens & Pan-Charred Corn Salad — a healthful salad full of flavor and seasonal goodness!
Thai Prawn Spiralizer Salad – a lighter lunch with a spicy lemon and garlic dressing.
Simply The Best Chicken Caesar Salad I’ve ever had!
Broccoli Noodle Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing