Rich & fragrant slow cooker chicken korma made with an amazing homemade curry paste.
Teriyaki Tofu & Veggie Protein Bowl
Just in time for the holidays, try this sweet and nutty harvest brown rice pilaf, that takes just a few minutes to prepare!
One Skillet Caribbean Curry Chicken Red Beans and Rice
This vegan paella with artichokes, smoked tofu, and sun-dried tomatoes feels like a vacation to Spain!
Brazilian White Rice is the perfect side – seasoned with onions and garlic and will replace boring, plain white rice in your home!
Delicious and simple, this Easy One Pan Chicken Broccoli Bake is cheesy, comforting and made in one skillet. Stress-free cooking!
This easy Spanish Rice recipe has been a mainstay in my family for as long as I can remember. It’s a really quick recipe!
A mildly spiced and flavorful indian rice dish flavored with cumin.
Make this Japanese chicken teriyaki rice bowl! You’ll love the sweet & savory sauce soaked by the tender chicken thighs.
At last! A gluten free and soy free teriyaki chicken recipe! This easy recipe for teriyaki style marinade!
One Pan Healthy Turkey Beans and Rice dish is ABSOLUTELY delicious, wholesome, nutritious and simple to make!
Juicy griddled Cajun chicken with charred veggies and coriander-lime rice – ready in 30 minutes. A great weeknight dinner!
Easy, fast and delicious rice with aromatic spices, tomatoes and chilli. Great side dish!
Asian Beef Bowls with Sugar Snap Peas is a quick weeknight meal!
Lentils dahl with coconut milk and curry powder (in french)
Ropa Vieja, Cuba’s flavor-packed national dish!
Mediterranean Cauliflower Rice – tasty dish uses cauliflower rice with a mediterranean infused twist. Enjoy as a side or main. Takes 25 minutes.
An easy one pot meal using left over rice to make this Broccoli Rice
A simple curry with methi leaves, tomato, paneer to serve with roti, rice or pulao.
Homemade Sambar powder — Easy to make South Indian Spice Powder to make sambar (Lentil Stew).
Mexican green mole with beans and pico de gallo is a wonderfully zesty, fresh and vibrant dish and is lighter than its traditional mole counterparts.
Super easy and delicious recipe for congee (Asian rice porridge) with tempeh, edamame, and pak choi. Don’t miss out on this healthy Asian comfort food
A spicy sauteed yam fry from South India.
Introducing the Teochew olive vegetable, the single ingredient that will make your fried rice irresistible!
Simple side dish made with cucumber, coconut and yogurt — traditional dish from Kerala.
Spicy Onion masala curry.
This saucy black chickpeas curry is spicy, tangy and delicious.