Lebanese Salad with Lemony Tahini Dressing and Za’atar Pita Chips — a comforting, refreshing, vegan salad!
Kale & Couscous Breakfast Bowl — A deliciously healthful morning meal … ready in less than 20 minutes!
Vegan Eggplant Bacon “BLT” Sliders — a finger food-version of a BLT … with eggplant bacon!
Vegan Charred Asparagus Pasta Salad — A Meatless Monday recipe for asparagus lovers!
Grilled Red Grapefruit “Sundae” with Pistachios, Goat Cheese, and Basil Vinaigrette — a naturally sweet-n-savory dessert!
Vegetarian “Trash” Hash — Don’t trash those veggie scraps. Make this hash! :)
Italian Freekeh “Meatballs” — Who needs meat when you’ve got freekeh?!
Pistachio and Garnet Sweet Potato Risotto … a tasty way to celebrate National Nut Day (Oct 22) and Food Day (Oct 24)!
Save time! Make your own frozen entree…or try mine: Make-Ahead Fusilli Pasta Bowl!
Beet, Greens and Goat Cheese Linguine — a gorgeous bowl of good-for-you pasta; its stunning fuchsia color is from beets.
Can’t beat the beauty of nature! Just beet it with this red beet baba ghanoush.
A seasonal, healthier, and full-flavored take on restaurant-style Coconut Curry Vegetables.
Seasonal Tomato Shakshuka—a delicious Middle Eastern-style skillet for two!
Nope! These aren’t really hot dogs. They’re hand-sculpted carrots prepared to act like hot dogs!
Portabella & Swiss Sliders: A delicious vegetarian makeover of sliders!
Mini Chili and Cheese Bowls — fun, vegetarian, and entirely edible!
A hummus that’s like nutella–but healthier!
A better-for-you take on vegetarian General Tso’s takeout!
Fitter French Fries — better-for-you fries with bodacious taste!
A unique and healthy pesto sauce with hemp seeds, spinach and green tea!
grilled sharp cheddar cheese panini with cranberry mustard and arugula
pumpkin & sage risotto — a seasonal and simple approach to this comforting dish
Baby Bella and Broccoli Lo Mein — for when you simply need a noodle fix!
Vegan Vanilla Chia Cupcakes — whole grain, vegetarian-friendly, and delicious!
Mexican Breakfast Scramble — a meatless Huevos rancheros-inspired dish…ready in minutes!
Roasted Vegetable Hummus … so veggies never have to go to waste!
chilled grilled corn soup — sweet, smoky, and refreshing in every spoonful!
A vegetarian-friendly party food for your next cookout!