Clementine Marmalade Tart (Crostata), an easy recipe for a tangy clementine marmalade tart that looks tempting and costs very little to make.
Crostata with Peaches & Berries topped with Streusels! Served with a big dollop of vanilla ice, this is my go-to summer dessert!
This classic fruit and custard tart has four components, a sweet pastry crust, luscious crème patissiere, whipped cream and fresh fruit.
Plum Pear Crostata – This free form pie crust is the easiest way to make a fall fruit dessert.
A delicious dark chocolate tart, enriched with an hint of marrons glacés flavour and with a luscious creamy filling (also in Italian)
Zucchini Crostata
An Italian type tart/pie, a delicious flaky crust with a jam filling.
Buttery, flaky and full of strawberry deliciousness
Peach Crostata with Caramel
Lattice topped crostata with raspberries and figs.
Blueberry crostata with Tequila
Strawberry crostata with hint of fresh ginger. Delicious italian dessert!