Delicious tart with creamy cherry and bluberry filling and sweet, crunchy streusel. Great dessert!
The easiest 5 minute vanilla ice-cream without an ice-cream maker. Better than the store-bought!
These spicy Lamb Patties may be the best ones I ever tasted, and together with the creamed spinach potato gratin it´s a insanely good dinner
Dairy-Free Ice Cream that’s rich & creamy!
Having a party or high tea? Mini zucchini quiches are tasty and easy. These cute little savory pies are ready in half an hour, so what are you waiting
CLASSIC ENGLISH Gingernut Cookies with Whipped Coconut-Lemon Cream! (Gluten Free, Vegan, Paleo, Oil Free). SUPER SIMPLE and FAST!
The Pavlova is also pretty easy when you are in need of a fancy dessert and don´t want to put in a lot of time and effort.
Just three ingredients, that easy: pudding with lemon
1-Ingredient Coconut Whipped Cream. Super easy, keeps well, and vegan/non-dairy. Healthy and delicious!
Easy-to-make and super delicious cake. Caramel Hazelnut & Pecan Cheesecake. Every slice is a piece of heaven (English version included)
Fluffy and buttery French toasts, topped with fresh berries, whipped cream and a drizzle of maple syrup.
My Luscious Berries and Cream Popsicles are the perfect summer treat. Refreshing and delightful, this will become a regular part of your summer.
Change things up by cooking up an open lasagna instead of a classic lasagna. Recipe for two, this open lasagna is ready in 40 minutes.
In the Netherlands we celebrate kings day, and what else do you expect from the Dutch? Everything is orange that day, yes also these mini orange pies!
Boston Cream Cupcakes. Filled with Golden Custard and topped with rich Chocolate Ganache. Love at first bite, guaranteed.
Strawberries and whipped coconut cream. The perfect after dinner vegan dessert.
Jalapeño and egg Portobello is an amazing, quick and tasty vegetarian dish. Serve with greens and a simple pasta for a weekday meal.
Delicious strawberry marshmallow mousse on a crispy base made of potato-flour and almond/nuts. (English version included)
I want to take the opportunity to revel in citrus fruits now before the season ends, and I think you should too!
3 Ingredient, 10 Minute Caramel Energy Bites. Perfect for a breakfast on the go or a healthy afternoon snack!
Irish Coffee–a delicious combination of coffee, cream, sugar, and whiskey. Just the thing for St. Patrick’s Day.
Homemade Irish Cream! Cheers to St. Patrick’s Day with this easy liqueur! It’s a favorite in coffee, ice cream, cocktails, or on its own!
Custard Cream Pie Slices – delicate melt-in-your-mouth dessert with three thin shortbread crusts filled with two layers of custard filling.
This delicious peas and carrots soup is healthy, super quick and easy to prepare. You can never tell there is no cream or milk added.
This super delicious risotto with kale and asparagus is quick, easy and healthy. It is refreshing and light, yet fulfilling!
Apple compote layered with cinnamon flavored graham cracker crumbs. This Norwegian apple trifle is delicious and easy to make.
yeast dough on cream