Orange Chai Iced Tea will make your summer cool and sweet. There isn’t a more classic way to relax with friends on a hot day.
This granola is sugar and spice and–you know–everything nice. Ready in 30 minutes, and your kitchen will smell like heaven.
Chai Baked Doughnuts. A delicious vegan treat perfect for the cold weather. {English & Spanish}
This Coconut Chai Hot Toddy is made with a generous splash of dark rum, spices and creamy coconut milk for the perfect cozy holiday drink.
A warming and delicious cup of Kashmiri chai is better than coffee.
Gluten-Free Chai Sugar Cookies
Baked Chai Doughnuts
A wonderful spiced chocolate cake with chai buttercream for all chocolate lovers!
Chai Granola – all the flavors of chai tea come together in this irresistible homemade granola.
A delicious, spice-filled tea with creamy coconut milk. [ Dairy-free, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free]
Chai Tea Latte – with salted caramel sauce will warm you on a frosty winter day
Full flavoured homemade chai with no dairy and no added sugar.
Chai Chiffon Cake
Gingerbread Cupcakes with Chai Spiced Cream Cheese Frosting
Chai Overnight Oats
Soft Rolls with dates and Chai tea. A wonderful combination for a great taste and aroma
Spiced Nut Granola
Chocolate Chai Pots de Creme – an easy chocolate dessert with a rich, creamy texture and a lovely chai flavor.
Delicious spiced vanilla-chai milkshakes. Perfect for hot summer days.
Chai cookies made with whole wheat flour and coconut oil
Chai Raspberry Chia Pudding. A delicious and healthy sweet treat. Packed with healthy omega-3 fats and fiber.
Rich and creamy coconut milk ice cream with the warm and comforting spices of a chai tea latte. {vegan, gluten-free & paleo}
This Chai Tea Fudge will be ready in no time ! So easy to do, so easy to eat !
Chai spice mix. Add a little in your tea to give it a wonderful flavor.
Chai Spice Chocolate Cups- made with coconut oil, cocoa and cardamom. This is a delicious way to get some healthy oils!
Comfort in a cup! Now you can make your own Vanilla Chai Tea Latte at home!
Chai Latte Granola — an easy, low-cal recipe that tastes just like the drink!
Only 4 ingredients, Paleo and Gluten Free. Treat yourself to something AMAZING