This Citrus Avocado Salmon Ceviche makes for an easy, elegant and delicious appetizer or light meal.
Hearts of Palm Ceviche. A delicious and refreshing dish, great over some tostadas. {English and Spanish}
Vibrant snapper and pineapple ceviche with creamy avocado, is great on its own or scooped up with crunchy tortilla chips. Yum!
Mojito Inspired Cuban Ceviche. Fresh, Fun & Festive. A quick and easy appetizer guaranteed to impress.
Grilled Scallop Citrus Ceviche. A simple summer appetizer or light meal. Tangy, refreshing and HEALTHY!
Classic Peruvian ceviche with patacones (fried plantains)
Shrimp Ceviche. Easy, healthy, intensely flavorful. Perfect appetizer for summer gatherings. GF.
Vegan Ceviche made with Young coconut flesh.
A traditional Latin American appetizer made with fish. Served in pastry cups or with chips.
Refreshing and zingy gooseberry ceviche with pita chips
Shrimp Ceviche – A spicy, tangy, fresh summer appetizer or side dish.
A local regional version of ceviche with fresh tuna, shrimps and mussels.
Spicy Tilapia Ceviche with avacadoes,onion,mango and jalapeneos
Ceviche with shrimp, scallops, and … radishes.
Ceviche is light, healthy and simple to make. This halibut ceviche recipe from Rick Bayless is one of our favorites.
These shrimp kabobs kicked off our ceviche tostada party