Frozen Raspberry Rosé – Frosty, light, and refreshing. A new way to enjoy rosé.
Reap the health benefits of chia seeds in your morning breakfast juice with this simple recipe that packs a powerful nutritional punch!
Wow your friends with Homemade Strawberry Shortcake Vodka! The perfect handmade gift!
When it’s crazy hot outside, fresh watermelon makes the sweetest, most cooling margaritas.
Strawberry-vababa smoothie with coconut milk, and coconut oil.
Vegan banana spinach smoothie with coconut milk, mint, and superfoods (recipe in Bulgarian).
Citrus water with orange, lemon and grapefruit
Cheers to Cinco de Mayo with these delicious Broiled Grapefruit Margaritas! Garnished with Rosemary salt for an extra treat. Tart, refreshing perfecti
A Caribbean style chocolate smoothie with a hint of nutmeg.
Spiked Thai Iced Coffee, a refreshing and fun twist for all those coffee lovers that like a kick!
Hot cocoa made with raw cacao powder — perfect for this chilly winter weather.
Homemade Irish Cream! Cheers to St. Patrick’s Day with this easy liqueur! It’s a favorite in coffee, ice cream, cocktails, or on its own!
Grapefruit Cranberry Elderflower Cocktail
Spiced Buttermilk (Chaas, Mattha, Sambharam,Masala Moru): A spiced up buttermilk to cool down your body.
Dairy-Free Eggnog with almond milk. So easy to make and delicious! It’s also Paleo, with no refined sugar.
homemade grenadine combined with ginger ale, mint, and pomegranate seeds.
Sparkling Elderflower Pomegranate Spritzers
Cream, milk, egg yolk combine with vanilla, maple syrup and ground spices for the most decadent holiday drink. #video
Learn how to make a batch of homemade hot chocolate in a slow cooker that will serve a big crowd of people.
How to make a batch of homemade, rich, chocolaty hot cocoa. No mixes here, just pure cocoa, milk, and sugar.
This hot chocolate recipe doesn’t come from a mix. It uses real chocolate for an rich and delicious flavor.
Gourmet Hot Chocolate – 2 Ways
Refreshing, fruity and unique, this Prickly Pear Hard Cider Cocktail with Cilantro and Pomelo tastes as yummy and bright as it looks.
This smoothie contains only five ingredients with no added sweeteners. And you won’t even taste the kale!
Healthier, homemade dairy free Pumpkin Spice Latte +  a slight tweak for the grown up pumpkin spiked latte
Strawberry concentrate made with fresh strawberries — great to make drink and other desserts.
Honeydew melon and citrus juice.
Creamy & delicious summer drink made with sweet ripe mango and almonds.