Peach Pie — baked into cinnamon rolls!
Kidney beans & green peas in a creamy-tart yogurt-cream sauce–interesting dish that is delicious too!!
Raw vegan flaxseed crackers – simple, fast, healthy and versatile
The famous Swiss dish rosti as baked ones.
Delicious pan-seared tofu with hoisin, ginger and sriracha sauce!
Amaranthus Bengal Gram Fritters
Yellow Split Peas & Kale cooked in a yogurt-peanut sauce — amazing flavors.
Pumpkin Balls with Ginger Brown Sugar and Honey
A delicious and healthy treat for summer! Chilled Spanish White Gazpacho.
Baked Chickpea Burgers–a vegan sandwich for your Fourth of July picnic!
South Indian style Mixed Lentil crepe/ dosa.
Spring vegetable tart
This cumin and fennel flavored lima bean curry tastes great on a bed of plain steamed rice or with any kind of flat bread.
A healthy, nutritious and low fat snack that also happens to be vegan & GF.
Rich in taste, hearty and healthy Vegetarian Ragu Sauce
An excellent comforting food with mixed dals and bittergourd.
Nutritious dumpling with foxtail millet and dals.
Deep-Fried Pumpkin Flowers
This mini Indian samosas are filled with vegetables and perfect for any vegetarian diet.
Healthy savory crepes with quinoa, rice and lentils. Perfect for breakfast or dinner. (Vegan)
This delightful asparagus recipe from Mark Jordan pairs asparagus with poached duck egg, truffle and Hollandaise
Great creamy light salad, ideal for summer brunch!
Pesto Quinoa Patties – Superhealthy, loaded with protein and so easy to make
Steamed savory dumplings made with broken rice. Healthy breakfast or dinner. (Vegan).
Cholar Dal / Bengali style Split Bengal gram curry…love at first bite!
Indian Vegetable stew, delicious with rice
In a Hurry? Weeknight Spicy Thai Peanut Vegetable Curry. I made this version completely vegan but it would be delicious with grilled shrimp or chicken
Easy Yam Fry recipe