Cucumber Rolls with Pesto Shrimp Salad…a refreshing summer appetizer
Buttered garlic shrimp is so yummy yet so easy to do.
Young Jackfruit and Paddle Crab Curry
Seared sliced calamari with spring onions, fresh lime and lots of cilantro, great calamari recipe!
Easy homemade sushi recipe for beginners, enjoy your very own creations including creamy crab, salmon and avocado, and prawn and cucumber.
Smoked Salmon Rillettes
Colorful Summer dish! Shrimp with mango salsa and rice (or quinoa). Low calorie, low carbs. Spicy, fresh, and healthy
Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa
Oven grilled cod with teriyaki sauce with ginger scallion noodles.
An easy and very tasty snack. Suitable for gluten free diets
Sea bass fillet is tastefully dressed up with a coriander and vanilla sauce in this delicious recipe from Marcello Tully.
pasta with cod
fast, quick and delicious, these shrimps will have you out of the kitchen in no time
This classic Greek recipe marries a fresh tomato sauce with prawn and feta for a dish that is deceptively simple yet completely irresist
Seafood recipe for the summer with scallops in a tomato sauce, easy and quick to make.
Sweet and Spicy Stir Fried Fish Balls
Chris Horridge’s prawn cocktail recipe is a wonderfully modern update on this vintage classic. The cooked prawn is dressed in homemade sauce
Brazilian Style Fish Stew cooked in coconut milk and azeite de dende
Grilled Halibut with Basil Vinaigrette (and Ten More Ideas for Using Basil Vinaigrette!)
Honey Glazed Salmon with Vegetable Spiced Quinoa
Mario’s classic Gambas con Chorizo.
Bursting with wonderful aroma & colours gives the delicious jumbo prawns the maximum gastro delights.
Tuna Tortilla Wraps with different variations
Grilled Salmon
Mango Shrimp Tacos (or Salad)
Fish Taco Salad with grilled tilapia, mango salsa, and a greek yogurt dressing (gf, paleo).
These taco’s are full of flavor but lite on the waistline. Perfect for Taco Tuesday!
Fish Tacos with Strawberry-Cucumber Salsa