Homemade Gravlax And Prawn Crackers Appetizer
Tempura Shrimp with Coconut Flakes, Lemongrass-Sunchoke Puree, Avocado-Passion Fruit Salsa and Passion Fruit Sauce
A banquet of Balinese dishes, nasi campur rijsttafel-style. (no recipe)
Lobster Bisque at Bouchon
Oysters at Swan Oyster Depot
Delicious cod fillet with sauce, scallions and olives. (in Polish)
marinated raw salmon salad with avocado and nori seaweed
A delicious fish (or seafood) cream with mashed potatoes and grated cheese: the perfect dish for Christmas Eve
A Visit at Tokyo’s Famous Tsukiji Fish Market (with videos)
The Lobster and River Prawn Roll at Lusso’s
Shrimp Scampi on Couscous: fresh, clean flavors and easy preparation make this a perfect meal anytime!
Stir-fried shrimp and broccoli in soy sauce
Kerala Style Squid Roast! The aromas awakens your senses which in turn fires the appetite!
A south Indian style spiced fish curry with coconut. Tangy and tasty, perfect for the cold weather.
Salad with broccoli, mozzarella and smoked salmon on purée from roasted pepper. A great fusion of flavors.
Easy salmon recipe with fresh peaches and garlic scapes.
Scallop Noodles With Spicy Sichuan Sauce
A healthy and tasty fish with a delicious sauce. Try and enjoy it.
Creamy and tasty: salmon and mascarpone filled crêpes – a perfect dinner!
Fish Biriyani: A perfect blend of spices, aromatic Basmati rice and Fish! A Gourmet meal for any occassion!!
Roasted Shrimp Tasting Spoons with Two Sauces
mussels in curry sauce
baked salmon with pesto
salmon and roasted cauliflower