Peshawari Gosht(lamb)
Authentic lip smacking lamb simmered in yoghurt and cream
Turkish Lamb and Aubergine Stew
Tender meat with juicy autumn vegetables and creamy aubergine paste
Marinated Lamb Kebab Skewers
Tender and juicy kebabs perfect for your next barbeque. Marinated in a flavorful olive oil mixture.
Lamb Souvlaki
Lamb Souvlaki – the best lamb you will ever eat.
Mutton Fry
South Indian Style Mutton Fry
lamb stewed with potatoes / gosht
lamb stewed with potatoes in range of fragrant spices
Mutton Biryani
Spiced pulav with mutton
Moroccan lamb tagine with apricots
Moroccan lamb tagine with apricots – the aroma of this dish will Woo you !!!
Slow Roasted Lamb Joint
Slow Roasted Lamb Joint – incredibly tender, and so easy to do. You’d be surprised why you don’t do this more often!
A lighter Moussaka
Updated lighter version of the classic Greek Moussaka – eggplants and lamp layered with a yogurt feta sauce.
Grandma's Lamb Stew
This lamb stew is simmered in tomatoes, white wine, and a combination of herbs that help form a perfectly balanced dish.
Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers
Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers with lamb and couscous.
Peshawar style lamb curry
Peshawar style lamb curry
Olive Crusted Lamb Rack
Victoria shows how a rack of lamb is the ideal cut for a small gathering.
Mutton Liver Pepper Fry
Mutton Liver pepper fry recipe
Rack of Lamb
Mario’s Rack of Lamb with port mint sauce.
Spicy mutton curry
Spicy mutton curry
Mutton Potato Curry
Lamb Potato Curry Lamb and Potato Cooked with freshly ground spices in coconut milk to make a Curry
Mutton Rezala
Restaurant Style Healthy Aromatic Mild flavored Mutton in Rich Creamy Low Fat Gravy.
Lamb Larb
Lamb Larb – a simple Thai salad that can be eaten hot or at room temp
Kosha Mangsho/  Dry Fried Mutton
Kosha Mangsho/ Bengali Dry Fried Mutton…to die for, to kill for!!
Lamb Kabobs with Tzatziki Sauce
Lamb Kabobs with Tzatziki Sauce and Cucumber Salad…a great outdoor summer meal
Lamb Goulash
Lamb Goulash
Lamb kebabs with pitta bread
Middle-Eastern lamb kebab recipe with a yoghurt dressing.
Minced mutton Curry
Minced mutton Curry
Mutton rasam
Mutton rasam
Stuffed Zucchini
A delicious Mediterranean dish!
Fig and Almond Lamb Stew
Fig and Almond Lamb Stew with Oven Baked Turnip Fries