Easy tzatziki – perfect for summer!
A nutritious Vegan dip made with dates that tastes sweet, tangy, tart and sour all at the same time.
Super easy guacamole
This looks like a regular spinach dip but it packs a secret kick. If you like things a bit spicy, try this spinach dip recipe.
Guacamole with tortilla chips
Homemade Chipotle Aioli with Grilled Vegetables – A simple recipe for summertime grilling.
Sweet and Spicy Black Bean Dip with Plantain Chips – creamy mashed black beans topped with queso fresco and juicy pineapple.
Cucumber Yogurt Lime Dip
Tarragon Pesto
Tangy and crunchy avocado and peach salsa. Enjoy it with nachos or eat it just by itself.
You say hummus, I say hummus b tahini. The only hummus recipe you’ll ever need.
Turnip Green Dip – think classic spinach dip with a Southern accent!
Slow Cooker Spicy Spinach & Artichoke Dip
Black Olive Tapenade
Healthy warm artichoke dip is rich and creamy with three cheeses. The secret ingredient, Laughing Cow Spreadable cheese, keeps it low-cal.
Creamy Herb Dip is a crowd-pleasing snack that makes good use of garden-fresh herbs.
Delicious and a very light flavor enhanced the taste of the hummus.
coriander coconut chutney for idli dosa, vada and snacks.
Strawberry Fruit Dip is made with strawberry cream cheese and marshmallow creme. Easy and delicious!
Three easy steps for the perfect home made hummus
A flavorful chutney with simple ingredients
Greek Yogurt Fruit & Bagel Dip
Easy to make and freezes great – a Vegan and Paleo adaption of Classic Basil Pesto with a secret ingredient for that Umami taste.
pomegranate chutney made using dry pomegranate seeds. goes well with pakoras, fritters, samosa or tandoori snacks.
hummus with tahini and sundried tomato (google translate).
Pesto with broccoli – toss with pasta or use as a sandwich spread. Quick and easy.
Thick and creamy dip made with Greek Yogurt
Preserve the plums and make this plum chutney to enjoy them a little longer.