Condiment with lentils. Mix with rice or use as a dip for idlis.
Simple and healthy stir fry with kale and lentils.
Sandwich bread made with whole wheat flour that is sure to surprise you with its softness.
Calzones stuffed with vegetables. A welcome change to the regular pizza. Step by step pictures.
Quick and easy snack with puffed rice, peanuts, cashews and more. Ready in under 15 minutes.
Tired of tofu the usual way? Try this version where tofu is baked and then mixed with veggies, soy sauce, chilli sauce and more.
Homemade fluffy pita bread with step by step pictures.
Healthy condiment with okra and yogurt. Perfect with rice or flat bread.
Cute mini carrot cheesecakes. Bite sized pieces perfect for parties and kid friendly.
Hearty salad with black beans, corn and avocado.
Exotic rice dish with spices, soya chunks and more.
Simple tangy relish with green peppers.
Freeze jalapenos for later.
Mexican three milk cake. The sponge cake absorbs the rich milk mixture and is perfectly moist and absolutely not soggy at all.
Indian flat bread made with whole wheat flour, cilantro and spices. Nice twist to the regular flat bread.
Make your own crushed tomatoes and freeze them for later. An easy alternative if you do not want to can them.
Spicy salad with 15 bean mix, onions, tomatoes and more. Healthy and tasty.
Make a healthier version of eggplant parmesan by baking the eggplant slices rather than deep frying.
Healthy sandwich with peppers, onions and soya granules.
Tangy South Indian soup with lemon juice, tomatoes and freshly ground spices.
South Indian salad recipe with black eyed peas and jaggery.
Spaghetti tossed with homemade tomato sauce with mushrooms.
Healthy side dish with mushrooms. Perfect with rice or flat bread.
Tangy gravy with cluster beans and lentils
Fresh salad with tomatoes, onion, cucumber and bell peppers.
4 ingredients and water needed for this rich almond fudge.
Carrot banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.
Tasty green rice with cilantro and lentils.