Vanilla Creme Brulee – Rich, creamy and decadent dessert with a wonderful aroma from vanilla sugar
Banana-Nutella Ice Cream – great on its own, or as a topping for brunch items such as waffles and crepes!
Chocolate Whiskey Pot de Crème – Only 5 ingredients!
Baked Grilled Cheese Pesto Sandwich – Enjoy the bite from jalapeno cheddar cheese & sweetness from gouda cheese, with the freshness of pesto
Black Bean Hummus – Excellent appetizer with pita chips, and it’s gluten-free too!
Pão de Queijo or Brazilian Cheese Bread – Crispy on the outside, soft & cheesy on the inside. Perfect snack and gluten-free too!
Baked Potato & Leek Soup with Bacon – the perfect hearty soup!
Salted Caramel Ice-Cream – only 6 ingredients!
Apple tart with a salted caramel glaze. Have it by itself, or with some vanilla ice cream topped with caramel syrup!
An avocado dip made with Greek yogurt, cilantro, lime juice, cumin and cayenne pepper! A healthier substitute for guacamole
Yellow Split Pea Soup – Have it as a soup or garnish over some rice or naan!
A pumpkin-raisin bread that substitutes oil and butter with some applesauce for a really healthy snack!
Pomegranate Dragonfruit Sorbet – A light winter dessert. Now make it without an ice cream maker!
Lemon Madeleines – The perfect light dessert with coffee after a huge thanksgiving meal!
Cranberry orange bread with an orange glaze: light and fluffy (made with yogurt), and not too sweet!
Apple cider muffins – The tart flavor of apple cider combined with the crunch of an apple and the smell of cinnamon!
Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Sauteed Apples and Maple Syrup + Crepes with Dulce De Leche = Most decadent brunch ever
Need a quick fix for your craving or guests unexpectedly drop in? Make some homemade dulce de leche and serve it on some ice cream or with fruit!
Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake – with a pinch of cinnamon, this cake is best had warm from the oven!
Perfect for a romantic occasion, make these red velvet cookies from a cake mix!
Not in the mood for a sweet smoothie? Try this strawberry basil smoothie for its slightly tart flavor, adding black pepper for an extra kick!
Chickpea Couscous – infused with the taste of lemon, chicken and paprika, and garnished with some cilantro. Perfect for a light lunch!
Zucchini Tomato Gratin – Enjoy a light dinner with the last of the summer vegetables
Lemon Blueberry Bread with a Lemon Glaze – a perfect brunch food and summer dessert. Use frozen berries as well!
Add pesto to a variety of everyday dishes by using the more affordable walnuts instead of pine nuts!
Easy Lemon Bars – The perfect summer dessert and ideal for entertaining!
Chickpea Taco Salad – A healthy and nutritious lunch combining red onions, peppers, tomatoes, lemons, chickpeas and parsley
Fluffy French toast made with French bread and served with sausages