Gamjatang is a spicy Korean soup made with pork ribs, potatoes, green onion, hot peppers and sesame seeds(&oil) (in Japanese w/recipe)
Bocconcini and tomatoes are a classic pairing, but the fruity note added by the fig makes this Tartine is particularly satisfying! (in JPN)
Taro salad with Japanese one plate lunch. Healthy and vegetarian plate! (recipe in Japanese)
Salmon and veggie open sandwich w/ homemade pain de campagnue breakfast. (in Japanese)
Dutch Baby Pancake. It was fabulously puffed when it comes out! Enjoyed with whipped cream and banana
Chicken fajitas and Corn and black bean salsa for side
Baked homemade foccacia with natural yeast. Sliced it and enjoyed BLTA sandwich! you can create your own filling! (in Japanese)
one pot dish and it’s gonna be perfect main dish for hot summer day. Vegan! (in Japanese)
Local veggie and pork dressed with garlic herb sauce marinate perfect for weekday dinner. (in Japanese)
one pot dish, and great appetizer for party or appetizer, this dish is only 4 ingredients! (in Japanese)
one plate breakfast. no need to cook, just arrange vaggies from my fridge. (in Jpanaense)
Easy, healthy, and incredibly delicious veggie Tacos. Corn tortilla, red cabbage, black beans, spicy salsa, homemade avocado salsa and egg. Vegan. (in Japanese)
stick open sandwich. I made my fave topping with my homemade bread! What’s your favorite one? (recipe in Japanese)
Homemade bread with my fave veggie and herb chicken sandwich.Each veggie makes so much flavor of this sandwich! (in Japanese)
its usually pepared around busy university areas, as it’s a popular and affordable student food. one pot dish! (recipe in the rink)
Homemade Couronne Bordelaise. Dough made by bread machine! (in Japanese)
Deli style sandwich with homemade focaccia . Homamade kale pesto and local ingredients turned into so much flavor! (in Japanese)
Spam and cabbage sandwich – with lots of cabbage is the key, you can create your own one. (in Japanese)
Breakfast veggie frittatas- staub mini cocotte. oven baked and easy recipe! Vegan. (in Japanese)
Super easy, most simple and flavourful shrimp marinated in spice & lime sauce. It’s the best shrimp ever! (In Japanese with recipe)
Enjoy this crunchy, nutritious and yummy salad with barbecue side or main meal. (in Japanese with recipe)
Refreshment for summer! (in Japanese with recipe)
Grill cheese with kale pesto. Only 3 ingredients! Nutritious and vegan. (in Japanese)
Homemade pizza pretzel. Soft pretzel are easy to make at home!( in Japanese with recipe)
cobb salad with local veggies. light meal and great idea for summer lunch! (in Japanese)
Bibimpap & Oi naengguk (cold cucumber soup) – Korean dish
Broad bean & grape tomatoes Somen(Japanese noodle). Simple & summer taste! Vegan. (in Japanese)
homemade grilled chicken with yogurt sauce. (in Japanese)