A crispy, fluffy deep fried Indian snack which has no refined sugar
Buttery, flaky and full of strawberry deliciousness
You donot need a cookie cutter to make this highly addictive Strawberry Shortcake
Vegan chocolate mini cakes with an easy-to-whip chocolate frosting
Beaten Rice cooked in milk and sweetened with sugar
A crunchy yummy brittle studded with peanuts which will satisfy your snack craving.
Vegetables cooked in a rich coconut gravy… Perfect side dish for Indian Flatbreads
Pureed beets add a rich look and unique taste to this kheer
This moist and soft chocolate beetroot cake tastes so good that you will never know that it has beetroot in it.
Soft, fluffy pancakes studded with blueberry and drenched in honey will make an exotic breakfast option.