Super easy, moist and chocolaty cake with rich chocolate frosting. The perfect family cake!
The easiest 5 minute vanilla ice-cream without an ice-cream maker. Better than the store-bought!
This is the best homemade Easter bread you’ve eaten. I am making this recipe all year long, because it is that good!
Delicious, crunchy granola with coconut chips and blueberries. The perfect breakfast for the whole family
This super easy ice-cream is healthy, vegan, gluten free and you don’t need an ice-cream maker to prepare it at home.
Delicious and super easy double chocolate banana cake, topped with caramelized almonds
The best chicken chow mein recipe. This one is easy, delicious and quick!
This 30 min recipe is healthy, delicious and easy! Kale & chicken with veggies and mozzarella cheese, wrapped in delicious tortilla
These cheese puffs are extra easy to prepare, super delicious and perfect for many dips and sauces.
These are the fluffiest chocolate chip ricotta pancakes ever. Extra chocolaty, easy and delicious.
This delicious peas and carrots soup is healthy, super quick and easy to prepare. You can never tell there is no cream or milk added.
This super delicious risotto with kale and asparagus is quick, easy and healthy. It is refreshing and light, yet fulfilling!
The best chili con carne recipe. This one is going to become your favorite recipe, so easy and so delicious.
Amazing pumpkin whoopie pies – soft and moist with extra tasty cream cheese filling! So easy and quick to prepare!
Delicious european yogurt salad with pickles, greek yogurt and herbs. Healthy and delicious!
Delicious quick almond banana smoothie for breakfast! This will be a great start of the day!
This extra moist and delicious chocolate peanut butter cake is the best – amazing, easy, quick and yummy! One of out very favorite recipes!
These vegan & gluten free pancakes are amazing. So delicious, low on calories, healthy and perfect for all of you dieting.
This recipe is the only one you will ever need when making your own pizza dough. Delicious and easy!
Delicious gluten free cake with chestnuts and chocolate, topped with tasty cream cheese frosting.
Super delicious and quick sandwich for breakfast, brunch, lunch or even afternoon treat. Full of flavors and colors!
Little bites of chocolate heaven – these profiteroles are light, yet rich, delicious, chocolaty and beautiful. Easy to make, too!
Arugula salad with parmigiano reggiano and cherry tomatoes. Simple and delicious!
Amazing pumpkin pie with a twist! Not only it’s gluten free but it has extra flavor and secret delicious ingredients. Don’t miss it!
Orange flavored duck magret – this 30 minute meal will blow your mind. healthy, delicious and easy.
This dessert is heavenly delicious and a lot easier to prepare than you think. Crunchy millefeuille with mascarpone creme and amaretti praline.
Extra easy, no bake, ready in no time, these coconut dulce de leche bars with chocolate are so tasty.
The perfect gingerbread muffins – for dessert, breakfast or afternoon treat with a cup of tea – your choice, they are just perfect for any occasion