A delicious indo chinese style potato starter with honey and sesame
Vatral kuzhambu- an authentic TamBrahm recipe in which sun dried veggies and spices are simmered along with tamarind to a tangy stew
Rustic flat bread using finger millet and whole wheat flour combined with onions and cilantro- Perfect for a cold day s meal
Tempura style cauliflower dunked in batter and deep fried
Flatbreads flavored with tender green garlic shoots and other herbs,
A refreshing mocktail with watermelons – Add some vodka and you have a splendid cocktail. A great baby shower idea too!
Mushrooms in a creamy gravy- Great for flatbreads
An easy stir fry with green peas, raw mangoes and coconut- Vegan and guilt free
An easy and delish stew with yogurt, cumin and coconut combined with fenugreek greens to beat the heat
Make this classic from the scratch at home without any fancy pansy stuff. Plus a vegan option too
Freshly brewed tea with mint and basil served cold- refreshing on a hot summer s day
Split pigeon pea koftas steamed and cooked in a tangy gravy
A vegan eggplant curry with freshly ground spices
Make falafels at home from the scratch and enjoy it with any dip of your choice- cool way to get loaded on proteins
A refreshing mocktail with kiwi, cucumber and some zesty lemon- perfect for St. Patrick s day!
A delish stir fry with banana blossom, mung dal and coocnut- Vegan and wholesome!
Make your own sprinkles to decorate all those cookies and cakes.
Brilliant way to use up left over fruits. You will never want to make fruit custard after this.
A digestive broth with the fragrance and goodness of cumin. Works well for colds and flu too!
A dry curry with plantains cooked with yogurt and spices
Make this easy drink at home to serve at the end of a meal or to drink up as breakfast. Wholesome, healthy and yumm!
Deep fried biscuits with coriander and cumin flavor
A dessert with curdled milk solids dunked in sweet syrup flavored with cardamom and saffron
A roasted cauliflower curry that you can use to dunk flatbreads or stuff sandwiches
A savory breakfast pudding that serves one. Can be easily doubled.
A vegan easy to make versatile curry with shredded cabbage and carrots
Sandwiches with curried mushrooms and mozarella filling
Easy calzones with peas filling