“This Bouillabaisse recipe is perhaps the best bouillabaisse recipe you will find. It is from Tom Aikens from Restaurant Tom Aikens
Chicken Fajitas
Colin McGurran’s chicken fajita kebabs makes a great recipe to be enjoyed by both children and adults
Baked eggs with soldiers
This tasty baked egg recipe by Alyn Williams features savoury Marmite Soldiers to dip into the eggs
Crab Cakes
This crab cakes recipe is from Edinburgh based chef Martin Wishart. If you have one crab cake recipe in your repertoire this is it.
Jaffa Cakes
This simple Jaffa cakes recipe is a remaking of the classic Jaffa cake recipe is packed with flavour and looks great
Chocolate orange mousse
Nathan Outlaw shares a chocolate orange mousse recipe that will be music to the ears of any chocolate lover. Serve with other desserts or on its own
Rice pudding with ginger snaps
Josh Eggleton shares a homely rice pudding recipe with Great British, serving with dunk-able ginger snap biscuits on the side
Jam Doughnuts
Jam doughnuts make a great snack item for kids and adults alike, see what makes Dominic Chapman’s version so tasty
This is a lovely gingerbread recipe to delight everyone, from award-winning Edinburgh-based chef Martin Wishart.
Tomato Gazpacho
simply brilliant cherry tomato gazpacho recipe flavoured with coriander and basil. A perfect gazpacho recipe for a summers day
Salad Shirazi
This salad shirazi should be eaten in the summer, when the vegetables in the recipe are at their best
Honey glazed ham with trimmings
This honey glazed ham recipe also details side recipes to serve including for perfect roast potatoes, broccoli with hazelnut
Yoghurt & Vanilla Eton mess
This light Eton mess recipe is a treat for kids. Breaking the meringue is a fun task for the little ones to do.
Raspberries & Vanilla Ice-cream
Lisa Allen’s brilliant summer dessert includes a raspberry granita, fresh raspberries and ice cream
Vegetable Fritters
Lisa Allen shares a vegetable fritters recipe which is both simple to prepare and provides a brilliant snack
Banana Pops
Bananas are coated and decorated with chocolate, hundreds and thousands and vanilla yoghurt in this divine kids recipe from Frances Atkins
Buttermilk puddings
A glorious pud, this buttermilk pudding recipe would make a creamy treat for kids and adults alike
Chicken & Chickpea soup
This savoury chicken and chickpea soup recipe is packed with protein and delicious to make for a family supper
Spanish Omlette
This simple Spanish Omelette recipe from The Galvin Brothers makes an excellent breakfast, lunch, brunch or picnic dish for the family
Mini beef and Hummus burgers
This mini burger recipe is absolutely ideal for backyard cook-outs with the kids. Caramelised onions are a great addition
Orange & Pink risotto
Josh Eggleton delivers a gorgeous risotto recipe that features the flavours of carrot, beetroot and butternut squash
Bacon roly polies
Tasty bacon roly polies are a fun way to cook with kids. These make a savoury snack or side for soup and salads
Vanilla pickled vegetables
Leave your choice of vegetables in a pickling liquid containing vanilla and you will be left with some delightful, ready-made accompaniments to meat
Soda bread with \'no-cook\' jam
This simple soda bread recipe from Adam Bennett is a great family project. Enjoy the fresh-baked bread with the strawberry jam
Fish Finger BLT
The Galvin Brothers add bacon to a fish finger sandwich in a recipe sure to please little ones
Eggy Brekkie pots
This baked eggs recipe is a fantastic breakfast for the little ones, particularly with tasty toast soldiers
Pea and Pancetta risotto
Marcus Wareing combines pea and pancetta in this gorgeous risotto recipe perfect for serving to kids
Baked Apples with rhubarb
Nathan Outlaw’s baked apple with rhubarb dish makes a fantastic dish to cook with and for kids, you can adapt it to your own taste, too
Campfire chilli con carne
This chilli con carne recipe is a great dinner option for families. Hearty, rich and delicious, it’ll be wonderful for a cosy evening in.
Potato spider with celeriac & bacon
Potato rostis are delicious and in this recipe Galton Blackiston shapes the rosti into a spider and serves with a bacon and egg mayo
Egg with crispy asparagus spears
Adam Bennett’s creates crispy asparagus soldiers to dip into boiled eggs in this brilliant kids recipe
Chicken soup with pasta shapes
dam Bennett adds pasta shapes (kids can choose their favourite) to a humble chicken soup, making a teatime dish sure to please both adults and kids
Vegetarian vegetable puffs
World-renowned Indian chef, Alfred Prasad, shares a veggie treat from his childhood with Great British Chefs
Kedgeree with boiled eggs
Nathan Outlaw shares a child-friendly kedgeree recipe with Great British Chefs
Fishy Fish pie
This fishy pie from Andy Waters is sure to appeal to kids, being both uniquely presented and tasty
Duck breast & potato dauphinnoise
Josh Eggleton shares his duck breast recipe, which includes a supremely comforting potato dauphinoise and braised chicory.
Sweet Mince Pies
The classic mince pie recipe gets a delicious update by Shay Cooper. These lovely mince pies are simple to make during the busy festive season.
Welsh goats cheese and apple
A lovely goats cheese starter by Mary Ann Gilchrist. Creamy goats cheese is paired with tart apples in this croustade
Beef fillets with shallots
A slow-cooked beef recipe is given a twist. Confited garlic and shallot marmalade ensure the tender beef is well accompanied