Elephant’s foot or Yam Steaks.
Bread, Sandwich bread whole wheat ! Soft and delicious!!
A delicious guava cheese that tastes as awesome as it appears!
A delicious vegetarian kabab that is a great way to get oats in reluctant kids.
A delicious spongy sweet Rasgulla! Spngy paneer dumplings in a sweet syrup!
A whole wheat pasta tasty and healthy too!
The salad in the style of Capari Indianized to our tastes
A Greek Shortbread
Delicious watercress seeds ladoos.
Alos called Jacket potato. Baked and this one is filled with cream cheese and pepper!
The girls favorite, homemade and in whole wheat flour!!
A delicious egg less sweet
Palak or Spinach in a healthy but traditional dish
Cheesecake Chooclate and eggless!
Fried dumpling soaked in sugar syrup? That is too simple a description for this lovely Indian Dessert.