The perfect warm weather pick me up…Smoky chipotle chorizo chili
Have you ever wanted to make steakhouse steak at home? You must give Ina Garten’s recipe a try.
This Jalapeno Beef with cheese polenta and chile sauce is a great meal to warm up with on a chilly evening.
A wonderful comfort meal-Chicken Tikka Masala
The perfect comfort dish. Spaghetti alla Carbonara with peas and mushrooms.
Thai Green Curry with Shrimp made with fresh Kaffir lime leaves.
Lobster & shiitake potstickers. The best starter for any special occasion.
There is nothing better than chicken-chile tamales for the holidays made with the ones you love.
The perfect appetizer for a sushi themed supper club- Zucchini Sushi Rolls.
Santa Sugar Cookies
Everyone has their own version of this snack mix…this is ours with a chipotle kick!