Ballotine of Chicken – Learn how to debone a whole chicken! A Daring Cooks’ challenge
Mini Macaron Cake
Pumpkin Gnocchi with Brazilian jerked beef
Brazilian Pão de Queijo (Cheese Bread)
Apple Spice Cake
A sweet bread with apples, dates, rum and spices
Homemade Gold Fish Crackers
Whole Wheat + seeds and nuts, our favorite everyday bread!
Tiger Bread / Dutch Crunch, homemade from scratch. Daring Bakers’ Challenge
Banana Bread with pecans, for the Daring Bakers’ Quick Breads.
Popovers baked in teacups
Falafel & Tahini sauce, easy and delicious Middle Eastern snack.
Banana Brûlée: the easiest and fastest dessert ever, sure to impress your guests!
Homemade Korean steamed rice, the base for many other dishes of this amazing cuisine.
Caramelized bananas, vanilla custard and Italian meringue, delicious dessert
Lemon Scones and extra ideas for using basic scone dough: sausage rolls and Parmesan sticks.
Herbes de Provence & Brie Scones (Biscuits) for the Daring Bakers
My favorite ever bread recipe to celebrate 2 years of blogging: Garlic & Olives Bread baked in a ceramic pan specially made for it. Link to English
An old recipe I make over and over again. Easy and delicious. In Portuguese with link to English version.
A genius gadget to make gnocchi easily.
Sans Rival, a Filipino dessert for the Daring Bakers
A simple and quick version of a very traditional Brazilian dish.