chocolate, peanut butter and marshmallow candy
A sweet, pecan pie like filling over crunchy, salty saltine crackers.
Oven roasted chicken basted with a homemade sweet and smokey sauce
Layer of milk chocolate topped with a white chocolate/peanut butter combo sprinkled with salted peanuts
Traditional Southern fare. Bits of cornmeal batter and green onion fried.
Well beaten eggs cover a skillet full of sauteed veggies and bacon which are topped with cheese and baked
Rustic chicken stuffed with apples, sage, onion and roasted along with potatoes.
Sliced bananas marinated in orange juice, stacked in log cabin fashion and filled with orange segments.
Alphabet shaped pasta cooked with turkey and veggies. Childhood favorite.
Navy beans, vegetables and a ham bone simmer away in a slow-cooker for a no fuss meal.
Easy soup made from cooked blackeye peas, collards, ham with lacey cornbread crouton
Dried peas cooked with ham hock and onion and served over rice.
Brined pork roast with a mustard, rosemary, garlic marinade.
Well seasoned pork chops seared in a hot cast iron skillet and finished in the oven. TWO ingredients!
An appetizer made with three ingredients.
One ingredient banana ice cream with honey peanut butter sauce
Fruit folded into a cream cheese and fresh whipped cream base and frozen
Roasted chicken combined with pecans, grapes and a sage lemon dressing.
Vinaigrette made from blackberries and lavender is perfect for a summer salad.
This Southern iconic food is known as “pimmenocheese” as if it’s one word.
Popcorn popped in the microwave in an ordinary brown paper bag.
A premium chocolate brownie mix transforms into a classic Southern dessert.
Roasted okra is quick, easy and a close second to fried okra.
Yukon gold potatoes marinated in olive oil, rosemary, garlic and grilled on rosemary twig skewers
Fresh squeezed lemonade with rosemary peach infused simple syrup
Blackberry filling baked in a biscuit like batter.