Stellar pies with leeks and beansserved with tomatoes baked and brussels sprouts with mandarin
Apple and red fruit compot with hazelnut shortbread crumble
Delicious and light verrines with orange and cinnamon caramelized biscuits
Lollipop bread stuffed
Cannoli Parmesan
Fluffy focaccia with oatmeal
Swivels of pasta with leeks and bacon
Very rich Gugelhupf dark chocolate and nougat with candied orange
Cakes omelette with ham
Cappuccino and nougat parfait
Very yummy diplomatic cream coffee
Roast in Saccoccio with mushrooms, bacon and potatoe
Delicious chocolate brownie with walnuts and cherries
Orange juice Pandori
Madeleine orange and maple syrup
Asparagus Salad
Mendiants white with soft nougat, raisins and rum
Delicious mendiants fondants with soft and dried fruit
Rich decadent chocolate cake with salted butter caramel frosting
Christmas Pops with pomegranate
Delicious onion soup