Blondies with white chocolate and raspberries
Spaghetti with pepperoni, peppers and toasted crumbs
Fillet of hake with gremolada
Bruschetta with gremolada
Quiche with spinach and tomatoes
Plumcake with blueberry and mint syrup
Sweetcorn and potato hot fritters with guacamole
Happy easter with delicious cake with coffee and chocolate ;)
Hot cross buns with berries and white chocolate
Easter eggs with polka dots
Chocolate bread
Key lime pie
Caesar salad
Simple chocolate cake
Spaghetti with baked tomato and pesto with olives and capers
Ricotta pancakes with strawberries sald, pistachios and honey
Creamed peas with mascarpone
Delicious crepes with chestnut flour, cocoa and chestnut spread
Delicious and crunchy whole tomatoes and pesto tartlets with vanilla
Delicious chocolate bars with whole grains and red fruits
Delicious chocolate and peanuts hearts
Eggs en ​​cocotte and chestnuts
Spicy crunchy biscuits
Cupcake with chocolate and nougat with delicious and sweety vanilla frosting
Tagliatelle with chestnut flour, gorgonzola and spinach
Pears poached in red wine
A creamy italian risotto with pears and radicchio