Focaccia baked in a pan for a quick and tasty lunch
Winter salad with oranges and red chicory
Little chocolate cakes
Crackers homemade for savory or sweet dip
Hazelnut cream and chocolate home made
Orata with orange and brussel sprouts salad
Pavlova with pomegranate and cardamom syrup (with translator) Happy holidays friends
Cups of bread and salami with hummus and lettuce. Delicious finger food for kids ;) tutorial step by step (with translator)
Tutorial for home made natural sugar shapes. A cute idea for Christmas gifts
Cocoa sweet buns. Perfect for breakfast and for coffee time
Barley with roasted pumpkin and fennel
Melbrioche delicious pan brioche with apples and cinnamon.
Herby and lemon cookies
Lavender and vanilla panna cotta with red fruits (recipe in italian and english)
Watermelon, mint and lemon popsicle (recipe in english and italian)
Lavender salt
Lavender sugar
Lemonade with lavender and berries
Borlenghi a typical italian recipe from Emilia
Soda bread with fennel seeds
Cold soup of tomatoes and roasted peppers
Strawberry and berries tart
Linguine with arugula pesto with feta cheese and candied lemon
Pizza with stracchino cheese and spicy salami
My donuts brownie with chocolate and mint syrup
Checkerboard cake with tutorial
Orange cream with two chocolate and nougat
Caprese my way