Funfetti Mini Bundt Cakes. Perfect for kid’s birthdays, or any special occasion. Almost too good to eat.
Butternut Squash Bundt Cake. This cake is loaded with fall flavors. It is nutty, earthy and fragrant . Go make it now.
This birthday cake is loaded with sprinkles, inside and out. {from scratch}
Who knew madeleines with lemon and brown butter tasted this good?
Healthy banana bars with chocolate chips. You wont believe how good these banana bars taste although they contain no butter, or oil, or any sugar.
Lemon Poppy seed cake with Strawberries and Cream Cheese Frosting
Peach Bundt Cake with blueberries, Lemon and Greek yogurt
No bake ricotta cheesecake tartlets – perfect for summer. Ready in no time.
German Chocolate Bundt Cake: why waste time baking and frosting a three German chocolate cake layer cake when you can just Bundt it?
You say hummus, I say hummus b tahini. The only hummus recipe you’ll ever need.
A hearty, healthy, creamy yellow lentil soup that is low fat, vegan and low cal, that can be made in 20 minutes.
Raw chocolate date truffles with rosewater. No added sugar. No cooking. Ready in 10 minutes. Perfect for Ramadan.
The naughty chocolate Oreo pie: Oreo crust, chocolate filling, topped with fresh raspberries and white chocolate. Did I mention no bake?
Umm Ali Egyptian Dessert – Legend claims that this dessert that was served to celebrate the death of the sultana Shajra al-Durr back in 1250.
This healthy lemon blueberry cake is my new fast food. Only 200 calorie per slice. No butter. No oil. Slightly sweet. Very blueberrilsious.
Muhalabiya: Lebanese milk pudding using meskeh, orange blossom water and rosewater. This is my recipe with a twist.
A mix of Lebanese za’atar and Swiss Gruyere make these the perfect savory muffins. Plus they’re healthy (olive oil is the culprit)
Chocolate orange bundt cake with lindt chocolate orange ganache recipe. Plus, baking failure(how my zebra cake turned into a swirled cake)
Sfouf is a Lebanese yellow cake, its made using semolina and turmeric powder. This recipe is my mom’s easy peasy fool proof way to make it.
The Pioneer Woman’s baked French toast adapted into baked blueberry French toast. Baked with love for father’s day.
Healthy Apple Cinnamon and Almonds. Low fat. Low sugar. With crunchy top. Best breakfast muffins ever.
Coconut, lemon and orange are combined to make one great tropical summer cake. Drizzle with melted chocolate and everyone will be swoon.
Mint lemonade (Thermomix). Perfect for hot summer days.
Strawberry and rosemary buttermilk bundt cake. Its spring time, so its time to bake using fresh strawberries. Get your bundt pan ready.
Low fat banana bread recipe. No one will believe that uses only two tablespoons butter. The chocolate chips are culprit, (imho)
Healthy oat bran muffins with a twist and a secret ingredient. Only 150 cal / muffin. Get this recipe now.
A fluffly, soft and moist lemon bundt cake.Finished off with lemon icing.
Say good bye to the traditional fat loaded carrot cake! This healthy carrot cake with mascarpone frosting uses only 3 tablespoons olive oil.