This delicious soup’s main ingredients is asparagus which contains folate (vitamin B9), essential for a healthy pregnancy.
A super easy and healthy way to make pancakes with only 2 ingredients. No grain flours or nut flours.
The quickest way for our bodies to eliminate toxic build-up in our digestive system is through drinking juiced vegetables.
A very easy-to-prepare chili with delicious all homemade ingredients. Perfect for game day!
This is simple, healthy and about 10 minutes of prep. Let it slow cook for the day and it’s ready right out of the pot.
Cooked in 10 minutes, salmon is packed with vitamin B6 and B12 and both are high in omega-3’s and protein.
Fresh crab is a complete source of protein, has a variety of minerals and his filled with calcium & magnesium.
An easy and healthy way to make sugar-free ketchup, filled with vitamins A, C and K.
While eating this delicious soup, keep in mind that leeks and onions protect against stomach and colorectal cancers. It’s a win-win!
Healthy homemade ice cream that is chemical-free and made with only three ingredients!
A delicious soup for lunch or dinner, filled with natural vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties.
Tons of vitamin A & C, helps prevent Alzheimer’s, lowers blood sugar level and fights cancer. AND… it’s super pretty!
Not only tastes great but helps in naturally raising your iron & estrogen levels and helps prevent high blood pressure.
A healthier and easier easy way to prepare sweet potatoes, plus how to prevent and heal the flu naturally through food.
This smoothie is jam-packed with nutrients to help fight off the flu, bring down a fever and still makes for a sweet treat.
Warm your insides with this delicious cheesy soup filled with protein, calcium and vitamin A.
Forget the store brands and instead make your own eggnog with only six simple ingredients.
Super healthy and delicious gluten-free and grain-free stuffing.
A delicious and high in vitamin C side dish of potatoes to go with your Thanksgiving day meal.
A creamy healthy delicious sauce that can cover more than asparagus. Pour it all over your Thanksgiving meal!
A delicious and healthy way to incorporate fresh vegetables and natural vitamins!
Accent any dish with coconut water or shredded coconut and you’re in for a healthy meal.
Lacking vitamin B12 in your diet? This delicious chowder is filled with it, along with iodine and selenium.
Eating homemade broth daily will repair your gut, destroy candida and help aid in your digestive health.
Cooked to a perfect golden brown but still super juicy on the inside and filled with vitamins and minerals.
A combination of delicious carmelized fish with a bunch of omega-3s, vitamin B12 and B6.
A delicious AND healthy dessert. Who knew? Filled with vitamin A, vitamin C and homemade puree.
Super Easy! Make your very own puree to use in pies, soups, breads, muffins or yogurt for extra vitamins.