Delicious homemade vegan cashew cheese with fresh herbs.
Pumpkin banana brownie with honey, pumpkin flour, and curd.
Spinach omelette with flaxseed and pumpkin flour in a waffle maker.
Spicy vegan meatballs with quinoa and mung beans.
Sugar free banana curd pie with dates and mixed fruit.
Diet pizza with high-protein seitan base, homemade tomato sauce, and baby mozzarella.
Garlic chicken in white wine with onions and olives.
Curd fluffy omelette with fresh herbs.
Vegetarian spicy sausages with spelt, chickpeas, eggs, olives, and cheese, with a nice garlic-avocado dip.
Scrambled eggs with cottage cheese, avocado paste, olives, tomatoes and celery over spelt crackers.
Spicy mung beans salad with tabasco, lemon, and soy sauce.
Veggie oven-baked omelette with zucchini, tomatoes, and olives.
Detox lemonade with honey, lemon, and ginger.
Vegan quinoa with carrots, asparagus, and rice cream
Ratatouille with fresh rosemary and avocado oil.
Veggie muffins with dried tomatoes.
Blackberry pudding with curds, and rose jam.
Creamy Spanish tomato soup with avocado, and celery.
Strawberry-vababa smoothie with coconut milk, and coconut oil.
Vegan banana spinach smoothie with coconut milk, mint, and superfoods (recipe in Bulgarian).