Lemon buttermilk pound cake
Pasta with garlic and rosemary cream
Eclairs: a patry made of choux dough filled with a cream and topped with icing.
Absolutely delicious, a pudding of dates or prunes accompanied by a warm toffee sauce, a delicacy.
Beef meatballs with apple that gives moisture and a hint of sweetness
No baked oreo cheesecake, easy to make and perfect to have ready previously. Delicious
Pasta with artichoke and pine nuts: A light pasta dish with artichokes and pine nuts. Different, original.
Apple cake: with plenty of apple that makes it creamy and juicy. Delicious.
Chocolate cookies with cardamom: aromatic, tender on the inside and not too sweet
Kiwi cheesecake: refreshing with kiwi and no crust
Noodles with chicken and shiitake cream: A creamy and aromatic pasta dish
Cinnamon rolls: tender and delicious
Cookies you can make either with butter or oil
A different sauce for hake.
Rum bundt cake with its icing, perfect with a cup of coffee
Typical Arab cuisine, is perfect in a salad dressing
Cranberry apple cake and oat
A tasty and quick dish to prepare for any day
The best chocolate chip cookies recipe
A whole wheat flour small breads. Yo can freeze them and have ready at any time
A different option to accompany any kind of pasta (in spanish with translator)
Easy, simple and delicious chicken recipe (in spanish)
Typical sweet bread we eat on January 6th and 29th, whipped cream filling (in spanish)
A light and healthy fish dish (in spanish with translator)
Asparagus cream: Very healthy for days after Christmas. (In spanish with translator)
Typical Christmas sweet made of toasted almonds, sugar and juice. (In spanish with translator)
Little snacks for Chrismas. Delicious. (In spanish with translator)
Braid-tree Christmas pastry: A very sweet Christmas tree. Filled with marzipan, raisins, walnuts and almonds or whatever you like either sweet or savory. (in spanish with translator)