ROAST CHICKEN; one of the best home made dishes in the world!
Thai Orange Glazed Duck Recipe, a show stopping dish with orgasmic flavours.
PORK BELLY SOUP. Inspired by Tau Yu Bak, a fragrant and earthy Malay Style broth.
Mussels Meuniere; a deliciously simple recipe. Perfect for Seafood Lovers.
The most delicious ADOBO MARINADE for the tastiest and most succulent slices of PORK.
Thai Green Curry with Chicken. A delicious and easy recipe perfect for week nights.
Cioppino San Franciscan Style. A Recipe of My Favorite Seafood Stew.
Chili Crab-Singapore’s Finest Dish. It’s totally addictive and easy to prepare at home.
Duck Manchamanteles- Duck Legs with an Exotic Mexican Fruit Sauce from Chiapas.
Chinese Chicken and Ginger Soup. Great for the winter months and can heal cold and flu symptoms. It’s my tonic.
Sancocho; a delicious and comforting Latin American soup. The National Dish of Panama.
Jerk Chicken with Festival-Jamaican fried dumplings. Jamaican Food at its best.
Chipotle Duck in Adobo & Yellow Rice. A juicy Duck dish with a Latin twist.
Spaghetti Alle Vongole-a easy and simple Italian dish. Perfect for weeknight cooking.
Thai Red Duck Curry-One of My Favorite Dishes of All Time.
Jamaican Curry Goat- the most popular Indo-Caribbean dish in the West Indies.
Garlic Butter Oil – A fantastic mixture of ingredients to add maximum flavor and depth to a recipe.