The perfect chocolate cake for any special occasion the crumb is tender, the filling and frosting luscious. It is dark, rich and yet not so sweet
Pistachio rosewater cupcake with a delightful pink frosting that will enchant your loved ones
Enjoy oats the indian way, this oats crepe is the perfect balance of taste and nutrition
The exotic chenna poda / caramelized cottage cheese cake is the signature dessert of orissa
A soft and delicious sweet made with coconut and jaggery for festive occasions in india
A moist cake with a creamy texture and a enticing flavor of chocolate, this cake would be the perfect weekend treat or potluck
A traditional sweet made with ricotta cheese for a festive occasion in north india
A perfect combination of fresh chrunchy veggies,fruits,nuts and feta cheese tossed with a yummy dressing.
A delightful treat for chocolate and peanut butter lovers
A festive dish prepared in south india made with rice and sauteed with very little oil perfect for a snack
Spiral apple bread is crusty on the outside and flaky on the inside with a divinely soft flavor of apple.