Sweet balls covered with honey: an easy and fast dessert for carnival, directly from Sicily (in italian with Google translator)
A very classic italian dessert
Jumbo chili sauce for your tortilla chips (in italian and with Google translator)
A nice and easy appetizer, perfect for vegetarian too. (in italian and with Google translator)
One of the world famous chinese dish.
An omelette with thyme, chorizo salami and cream cheese.
A nord-italian classic dessert of Carnival.
This is a no knead panbrioche, easy and perfect to make also if you don’t have a Kitchen Aid or other kitchen tools like this.
A classic italian recipe from Tuscany and from my family memories… [recipe in itaslian and english]
An easy, healty, quick asian style dish.
Fake puff pastry made with ricotta cheese and incredibly easy.
A classic italian dessert, the world famous tiramisù. The original one.
A salad made with fennel, oranges and blackberries and finished with a splash of orange olive oil
A very classic combo: ham, figs and balsamic vinegar.
A nice and fresh appetizer, made with feta cheese and roasted cherry tomatoes
Want to learn how to prepare the original italian “gnocchi”? Here you’ll find the recipe!
A delicious apple tarte with a panettone and streussel crumble on top.
A velvety chopped veal prepared with white wine, mushrooms and cream, served with Basmati rice.
A fresh and easy tabuleh, made with bulgur, tomatoes and lots of mint.
An English classic. A puff pastry pie filled with delicious beef.
An easy and fast pumpkin soup, with potatoes and sour cream
French macarons, filled with a dark chocolate ganache.
A black olive dip, better known as “tapenade”. Perfect on toasted bread as an appetizer.
A sweet and sour appetizers with figs, goat ricotta cheese and honey
Sour cream cookies filled with homemade jam
A fragrant bread raised with the “poolish” technique and full of walnuts.
An express mousse, without eggs or flour and with marshmallows.
A wonderful gnocchi Paris style dish, made with choux paste, besciamella and lot of cheese.