A moist lemony cake filled with fresh blueberries.
A nice and easy way to use bread leftovers.
Egg and cheese balls, a classic recipe from Abruzzo, Italy.
Tipical italian cookies, made with hazelnut flour and filled with melted dark chocolate
A soft and scented cake, filled with lots of apricot jam.
A moist and fruity cake celebrating last days of summer.
A moist and scented peaches cake with yogurt and lemony thyme.
Tiny veal meatballs with lemony thyme and pecorino cheese. Perfect appetizer.
A “fougasse” bread made with rosemary and gruy√®re cheese
American chocolate chips cookies, delicious.
A blueberry and lime cream roulade, soft and moist.
Stuffed tomatoes served with baked potatoes. An italian classic.
A simple juice made with berries, pink grapefruit and mint: very refreshing and fll of vitamins.
A sandwich made with zucchini bread and pesto sauce, filled with tomato and mozzarella cheese. Delicious and healty.
Soft and scented muffins, made with lime curd and fresh basil. [italian blog, google translator]
A simple and delicious curd [italian blog, google translator]
A complete meal: egg noodles with vegetables, fresh salmon and sesame seeds. [italian blog, google translator]
Sliced and toasted bread served with asparagus, cream cheese and parmesan cheese. A delicious appetizer.
A soft and moist cherry cake. [google translator]
A delicious and easy recipe to make fried zucchini flowers [google translator]
A potato and leaks cream topped with prawns cooked in herbs butter [google translator]
A tasty bruschetta with fried sole fillet, tartar sauce and fresh salad. Delicious [google translator]
A fresh, colorful and glorious omelette…
The bread from the famous Tartine, in San Francisco. [google translator]
An easy appetizer with prawns in thai red curry paste with scented jasmine rice. [google translator]
Fregola is a tipical Italian product: you can realize this dish making a pasta or a risotto. It will be as good as this one. [in italian with Google translator on the right]
This is a traditional Easter recipe from Liguria, in Italy. [in italian with google translator on the right]
Japanese gyoza with shrimps and pork (recipe in italian and english)