Fijian style raw fish salad served with coconut cream
Thick noodles braised with pork, fish balls and prawns
Filipino Style Side Salad prepared with tomatoes, mangoes, salted duck eggs, eggplants and fermented shrimp paste.
Beef, Mushroom and Cheese Pie
Northern Thai Style Carrot, Radish and Herbal Salad
Pulled Pork, Pickled Daikon, Cabbage and Chillies in Taco Style Steamed Buns
Blue Cheese Walnut Green Beans
Watercress with Pork Rib Soup
Guaranteed Crispy and Tender Juicy Southern Style Fried Chicken
Home-made Tortilla Crisps
Cheese and Bacon Scones
Hawaiian Garlic Shrimp Scampi
Young Jackfruit and Crab in Coconut Curry Sauce
Bite Sized Sweet Meringue
Filipino Style Eggplant Curry
Chennai Style Spicy Hot Fried Chicken
Seafood Teppanyaki with Yum Yum Sauce
Ham Fettuccine Bake
Stir-fried Gai Lan with Fish Cake & Lap Cheong
Spanish Meatballs with Clams, Chorizo & Squid
Open Faced Sandwich of Spicy Pulled Pork and Poached Egg
Jamaican Oxtail Stew
Minced meat cooked in Calamansi and Chillies
Korean Style Spicy Beef
Traditional thick Scottish soup prepared using smoked haddock, potatoes and onions
Korean soft rice cake, fish cakes and boiled eggs served on a sweet red chili sauce
Milkfish soup infused with ginger, miso and scallions
Satueed Carrots in Sesame Oil