“Pate de fruit” of strawberries, a delicious and healthy sweet. Gluten free
Vegetable empanadillas, they can freeze to consume at any time. Gluten free. Galician
Bean curry recipe healthy and easy to cook vegetables. Gluten free
Carrot cake with cardamom, aromatic and moist. Gluten free
Spicy salad of beets and leeks, spicy gives a special flavor. gluten free
Haddock marinated strawberries and oranges. An easy and amazing recipe, another way to eat fish. Gluten free. Galician
Cookies tangerine, perfect combination of almonds and tangerines. Guten free
Baked apples with muscovado sugar, a traditional dessert perfect for gluten free diets.
Caramelized tofu with black garlic together with chopped chives. Gluten free
A traditional cake Santiago de Compostela easy. You only need almonds, eggs, sugar and little else. Gluten free.
Miso soup with vegetables and beans, nutritious, easy to cook. Gluten free.
A simple recipe with intense flavor. Gluten free
Typical Christmas dessert in Spain, carrot marzipan balls. gluten free
A very simple and delicious cookies. Gluten free.
Appetizer of foie gras mousse with caramelized apple. Gluten free.
A typical sweet Christmas in Spain. Gluten free
Nougat truffle marc, a great dessert for Christmas very easy to cook. Gluten free.
Pâté of black garlic and dried tomatoes. An easy and tasty snack. Gluten free.
Easy and delicious, especially for chocolate lovers, ginger fudge. Gluten free
Winter is nothing better than a bowl of hot vegetables. Curried Cream of red lentils. Gluten free.
A highly aromatic dessert. Cardamom panna cotta with caramelized peach. Gluten free
An original and easy dessert. Pumpkin cupcakes and jam mushroom. Gluten free
Typical Halloween candy. “Panellets” pumpkin and coconut. Gluten Free
Apple and yogurt pancakes, delicious and simple, I can accompany them with chocolate, honey or caramel. Gluten free
Building on last season tomatoes, tomato jam. Gluten Free.
A great way to eat chickpeas, hummus. Gluten Free
Makis varied delicious for lunch or dinner. Japanese Cuisine. Gluten Free.
Great gluten-free pizza dough with an easy cooking, pizza mussels with teff flour.