Delicious and soft banana and chocolate muffins (in spanish with translator)
Salad of orange, dried fruits and chicken
Sweet and delicacies orange dipped in chocolate
A different recipe
Without prejudice: not just for when you’re sick! It is soft and delicious (in spanish with translator)
Carrot and walnuts cake (in spanish with translator)
Preparing fresh pasta with enthusiasm but without cutting machine. How will it end? (in spanish with transator tool)
Almond cake, very simple to prepare (in spanish with translator)
Red cabbage and apple salad (in spanish with translator)
Fish croquettes (in spanish with translator)
Sea pate: easy and quick to prepare and delicious
Green walnut liqueur (in spanish with translator)
Blueberry muffins
Iron cakes: the experiments not always go well (in spanish with translator)
Little squid casserole with white rice (in Spanish with translator)
Salad with sesame seeds
Sweet, smooth and foamy dessert
A touch of color for a gray and rainy day
Breakfast in Porto, and how grandmothers washed clothes… In spanish, with translation tool.
Delicious fish rice
Quinoa warm salad (in spanish, with translation tool)
Shank stew with dried mushrooms: with a touch of red wine. (In spanish, with translation tool)
Chicken and avocado salad: delicious and colorful
Homemade lemon liqueur, very refreshing and smooth. In spanish, with translation tool
Eating with your eyes: all skewers
Starting a day of insomnia: the beginning of my cooking blog (in spanish with translation tool)
A recreation of this famous Toscan dish using couscous (in spanish, with translation tool)
Surprising and delicious vegetable and meat lasagna (in spanish, with translation tool)