Very refreshing summer cooler with homemade icecream.
A chilled summer shake with dried figs and vanilla icecream..
Hot and tonguetickling Indian raw mango pickle.
A refreshing body cooler with Indian gooseberries and lime.
Super crispy fritters with sprouted moongdal and usual indian spices.
Flavourful and definitely a royal rice dessert..
Potato curry from Rajasthani cuisine.
Super airy,fluffy,sofy Japanese cheesecake.
Lassi with creamy yogurt and plenty of nuts.
Delicious pudding, a prefect dessert..
A simple side dish for Indian breads prepared with yogurt and few spices.
Healthy and fabulous healthy pudding with broken wheat.
Low fat cheesecake with seasonal fruit,the famous mango with agar agar.
Gramflour dumplings cooked in a spiced yogurt.
A crusty and spongy bread with cornmeal, its completely eggfree and butterfree, a vegan friendly bread.
Its a traditional Rajasthani, a state of India one pot meal,prepared with dals and wheat flour dumplings.
Super moist, double chocolate brownies, incredibly delicious.
Crunch munch and super nutty cookies.
Catchy muffins with peanut butter,banana puree and chocolate.
The famous angry pasta from Italy..
Kick start your day with this eggless,sugarless and butterless pancakes with brown rice flour and peach chunks.
Rich and creamy rice pudding with peaches..
Its a famous Indian snacks prepared with gram flour and tempered with spices.
Rice cooked with veggies..A prefect one pot meal.
Deep fried onion stuffed fritters.
Soft and fluffy bread with the famous tangzhong method.
Healthy and comforting soup with dal and gooseberry.
Flavourful one pot meal, prefect for a potluck party.