An easy breezy icecream with apples and cinnamon powder.
A traditional spanish cupcake.
Spanish traditional dessert with rice..A prefect pudding to enjoy after a heavy meal.
Crispy and vegan fritters with button mushrooms..
Super rich rice pudding tastes fabulous,chocolatey and definitely delicious.
Traditional Indian style carrot halwa with chocolate touch..
An authentic Bengali sweets with Indian cheese aka Paneer.
Donuts without eggs, yes its possible..Make some anytime.
A refreshing drink with strawberry and sarasparilla syrup..
A quick,nutty and super flavourful one pot meal with cooked rice and ivygourds.
An excellent snack style cookies to munch without any guilt with roasted peanuts.
A vegan friendly salad with grilled zucchini and potatoes.
A breakfast dish with buns from Sindhi cuisine of India. A vegan friendly breakfast dish to enjoy with your favourite fritters.
Bialys are chewy rolls topped with caramelised onions, a fantastic breakfast roll to have with butter or cream cheese.
A light meal with rice and lentils from Sindhi cuisine of India.
Simple dal with raw peanuts and dry fenugreek leaves, an excellent dal to relish with a bowl of rice.
Fingerlicking ,vegan friendly gravy with fried eggplants cooked in peanut-coconut paste.
An excellent breakfast smoothie with banana and peanutbutter.
Quick,tangy and delicious one pot meal with grated raw mango and cooked basmati rice.
Indian dal with mushroom,raw peanuts and bottlegourd squash.
A nutritious,healthy stir fry with greengram sprouts, a vegan friendly dish.
Flavourful and quick fix pasta with homemade basil pesto.
A famous South Indian breakfast dish with healthy foxtail millet and moong sprouts.A vegan dish too.
Super softy,spongy muffins with an incredible coffee flavor.
Healthy shallow fried sprouts cakes, an excellent protein rich snacks.
Sprouted chickpeas simmered in Indian spices, a prefect vegan side dish for Indian rotis.
Healthy steamed sprouts dumpling in coconut-yogurt gravy.
A flavourful,instant pickle with mango ginger.