Greek Salad
A village style Greek Salad..
Nyonya Curry Powder
A flavourful curry powder from Nyonya cuisine..
Vegan Banana Nut Muffins
Vegan and super spongy muffins..
Eggless Strawberry Muffins
Eggless,fruity and spongy muffins..
Cinnamon Coffee Cake
Cinnamon and chocolate chips rich coffee cake.
Black Poppyseeds Dinner Rolls
Incredible dinner rolls,prefect for dinner..
Doube Chocolate Cookies
Double chocolate cookies,completely egg free.
German soft pretzels-Completely egg free..
Mushroom Moong Curry
Vegan and nutritious curry,a prefect side dish for rotis and rice.
Egg White Cubes Gravy
Steamed Egg whites cooked in tamarind gravy..
Vegetarian Fish Gravy
A vegetarian fish gravy from Chettinad Cuisine.
Chocolate Marble bread
Chocolate Marble bread with Tangzhong method.
Red Rice Cakes
Vegan steamed rice cakes cooked through Microwave oven..
Chinese Spring Rolls
Crispy chinese spring rolls..
Flax Spice Powder
Healthy spice mix powder..
Strawberry Lime Granita
A quick and refreshing granita..
Dal Fingers
A crispy evening snacks for kids with dal and soyachunks..
Mushroom Savoury Cake
Savoury Cake with chopped mushroom and coriander leaves.
Baked Mini Rosti
The famous Swiss dish rosti as baked ones.
Cheesy Kiwi Canapes
Cute,fruity and cheesy canapes, a prefect starter.
Cheesy Onion Focaccia
Do you love savoury bakes, make some cheesy onion focaccia..
Lunch From Rajasthan
A complete platter from Rajasthani Cuisine of India.
Bittergourd Dal
An excellent comforting food with mixed dals and bittergourd.
Foxtail Millet Dumplings
Nutritious dumpling with foxtail millet and dals.
Carrot Walnut Halwa
A delicious halwa with carrots and walnuts.
Pepper Gravy
A fingerlicking,hot,spicy and peppery gravy from Chettinad cuisine of India.
Ladies Finger Gravy
A vegan friendly gravy from Chettinad cuisine of India.
Dates & Nuts Momos
Healthy steamed momos with interesting stuffing,a diabetic friendly snacks.
Eggless Apple Icecream
An easy breezy icecream with apples and cinnamon powder.
A traditional spanish cupcake.
Arroz Con Leche
Spanish traditional dessert with rice..A prefect pudding to enjoy after a heavy meal.
Mushroom Fritters
Crispy and vegan fritters with button mushrooms..
Chocolate Rice Pudding
Super rich rice pudding tastes fabulous,chocolatey and definitely delicious.
Chocolate Carrot Halwa
Traditional Indian style carrot halwa with chocolate touch..
Paneer Jalebis
An authentic Bengali sweets with Indian cheese aka Paneer.
Eggless Donuts
Donuts without eggs, yes its possible..Make some anytime.
Strawberry Drink
A refreshing drink with strawberry and sarasparilla syrup..
A quick,nutty and super flavourful one pot meal with cooked rice and ivygourds.
Eggless Peanut Cookies
An excellent snack style cookies to munch without any guilt with roasted peanuts.