A very simple soup-puree that is great served with grilled flat breads, such as nan or chapatis.
Chicken Fajitas Flavorful chicken with a beer marinade, made easily on the stove top or grill.
Simple and hearty way to enjoy this favorite Spring vegetable.
When you find yourself knee-deep in leftover holiday ham, keep calm and make ham salad.
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Braise this corned beef easily in the crock, then finish with with a sweet and tangy glaze under the broiler.
Salad with walnuts, grapes and gorgonzola with a citrus basil vinaigrette on tender baby greens.
Jambalaya with rice, chicken, sausage and shrimp.
Delicious bean salad with Greek flavors is a snap to make and very healthy!
Easy to make southwest style O’Brien potato hash browns using leftover baked potatoes.
Deliciously simple prime rib this size is perfect for a romantic dinner for two!
This tasty soup is quick and simple to make with a boxed broth.
Crisp and spicy jalapeno slices to make in small batches with no canning!
Delicious chili! You’ll swear there is meat in it. But no.
These chewy peanut butter cookies are sugar-free and gluten free.
Simmered into an intoxicating elixir of vegetables and broth and meat. This is not for the crisp-tender. This is for the tender-hearted.
A very healthy, low-carb snack you can throw together in about one minute!
Delicious quiche with Swiss chard, mushrooms and aged gouda cheese.
Deliciously creamy baked macaroni and cheese easily made from scratch.
A traditional auspicious New year’s Day meal
This is a red style of clam chowder, very classic!
Ham and beans are one of the traditional New Years Day meals eaten to ensure prosperity in the coming year.
Easy and delicious cheese balls are great with crackers.
Southern style black-eyed pea salsa is perfect with crispy corn tortilla chips!
Next time you entertain, try your cocktail frankfurters, lil’ smokies or famous meatballs in a honey-bourbon barbecue sauce easily made from scratch!
These spicy and delicious claws can be served as an appetizer or as an exotic curry with rice.
Crispy spicy chicken in a Thai chilli and garlic sauce, over crisp lettuce.
Ooey-Gooey caramel goodness in a finger-licking good cookie bar.