Spicy Roasted Pumpkin Bread
Spicy Roasted Pumpkin Bread – with wholegrain flour and ground cayenne chilli, cumin and coriander. There’s no sugar or cinnamon here!!
Raw Walnut-Goji Brownie Bites
These Raw Walnut-Goji Brownie Bites have the goodness of omega-3-rich walnuts and chia seeds and highly antioxidant goji berries.
Herbed Quark Dip with Cucumber
Herbed Quark Dip with Cucumber – It’s the potent mix of chives, dill and parsley that keeps people coming back for more of this dip.
Grain-Free Chocolate Donuts
Grain-Free Chocolate Donuts with Protein Icing
Gut Healing Vegetable Stock
Gut Healing Vegetable Stock based on the mirepoix of carrots, celery and onion with the healing benefits of garlic and mushrooms.
Sourdough Banana Choc Nib Waffles
Sourdough Banana Choc Nib Waffles with a Healthier Chocolate Sauce
Spicy Plum Pork Fried Rice
Spicy Plum Pork Fried Rice – with instructions for slow cooker pulled pork.
Figgy Hot Chocolate
Figgy Hot Chocolate (made in your blender)
Anti-inflammatory Kiwi Juice Tonic
Drink up this Anti-inflammatory Kiwi Juice Tonic with fresh kiwifruit, orange, pear and an optional secret ingredient.
Mango Lassi Smoothie
Mango Lassi Smoothie – a refreshing dessert smoothie with mango, lime and ginger.
Watermelon & Basil Slushy
Basil and lime brighten and lift the flavour of lycopene-rich watermelon in this refreshing, summer Watermelon & Basil Slushy recipe.
Pomegranate & Pear Kefir Spritzer
Pomegranate & Pear Kefir Spritzer – a non-alcoholic alternative to wine spritzers with fresh fruit and water kefir
Whole Beet Juice
Whole Beet Juice made with beetroot and it’s leafy tops with celery, apple and ginger.
Tropical Plum Smoothie
Tropical Plum Smoothie – a refreshing afternoon smoothie with plum, tropical fruits and coconut water
Peach & Canteloupe Juice
Peach & Canteloupe Juice
Lime & Date Protein Smoothie
Lime & Date Protein Smoothie
Raw Gingerbread Men
Raw Gingerbread Men for Christmas
Immunity Juice
Citrus, Apple & Ginger Immunity Juice
Raspberry Fermented Kombucha Soda
Raspberry Fermented Kombucha Soda
Grape & Honeydew Blender Juice
Grape & Honeydew Blender Juice – Craving fresh juice but only have a blender at home? No problem!
Five Spice Mixes for Gifting
Five Spice Mixes for Gifting
Raspberry & Peach Refresher
Raspberry & Peach Refresher Smoothie made with coconut water and fresh summer fruit.
High Protein Sticky Date Mousse
High Protein Sticky Date Mousse – a nourishing dessertwith the rich toffee taste of dates, cinnamon and vanilla
Savory Cherry Tomato Clafoutis
Savory Cherry Tomato Clafoutis – eat this hot out of the oven to enjoy the ‘pop’ of juicy tomato explosions!
Banish Back Pain Smoothie
Banish Back Pain Smoothie with anti-inflammatory pineapple, ginger and kiwi fruit.
Raw Curried Kale Chips
Raw Curried Kale Chips
Summer Stonefruit Smoothie
Summer Stonefruit Smoothie
Creamy Spinach Dip in Mini Cob
Creamy Spinach Dip in Mini Cob