Delicious, moist bundt cake bursting with almond flavor and poppy seeds.
Chocolate cocoa cookies made with peanut butter chips, dark chocolate chips, and walnuts.
Navy beans simmered in a sweet and savory molasses sauce.
Grilled beer can chicken
A Southern classic – oatmeal cake topped with warm praline icing.
Home made blueberry biscuits made with fresh Florida blueberries
Deep dish ricotta pie filled with Italian meats.
Chocolate chip cookies made with dark and white chocolate and chopped walnuts.
Penne with sausage and fennel simmered in a creamy parmesan sauce.
Valentine frosted sugar cookies
Espresso brownies
Classic sugar cookies with holiday sprinkles.
Vanilla glazed ricotta cheese cookies
Whole Wheat Banana Nut Muffins
Old fashion pumpkin bread made with fresh pumpkin
Extra thick chocolate chunk peanut butter cookies
Home style croutons.
Halloween Dark Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes
Muffin pan filled with potatoes, ham, peppers, onions, soft cheese, and scrambled eggs then baked to perfection.
Succulent shrimp simmered in a Thai red coconut curry sauce.
Fresh Fruit Frozen Yogurt Pops made with honey and organic yogurt.
Chilled orzo pasta with all the makings of a Greek salad.
Best ever blueberry jam made with fresh Florida blueberries.
Delicious, soft, and fluffy home style blueberry muffins made with fresh, plump, ripe sweet Florida blueberries.
A delicious and moist German tart made with fresh blueberries, marzipan, and a sweet glaze.
Organic farro cooked until tender then tossed with arugula, sun dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, and toasted pine nuts.
Stone ground graham flour mixed with local honey, milk, and a bit of butter makes this wholesome muffin delicious.