Festive, yet very easy dessert
Tender autumn yoghurt bars
Flaky chocolate brioche buns
A cake with many flavours- chocolate, caramel, meringue, cookie, nuts…
Fluffy cake with banana soufflé
Refreshing fragrant summer dessert
Fluffy cake with tender coconut centre and chocolate ganache
Tender and soft rose wine cakelettes with silky raspberry frosting
Rich strawberry cake with whipped cream and strawberries
Flour, sugar, butter free coconut and banana cupcakes with cashew cream
Healthier carrot oat cupcakes with citrus frosting
Chocolate stout cake with white chocolate stout frosting
White chocolate and prunes cake
Gooey, sticky caramel bars with a crunchy bottom
An easy vanilla-strawberry cupcake recipe with flower tops
Soft and buttery pie with juicy and fragrant fruit and berries
Chewy meringue layer and fluffy cream with berries and nuts
Festive eclairs with gingerbread buttercream and chocolate
Moist and fluffy orange yoghurt cupcakes with rum and chocolate frosting
Slightly crunchy coconut and white chocolate candy
White cake with chocolate buttercream and caramel
Dutch speculaas cookies- fragrant, crunchy and tasty
Chocolate covered gingerbread petit fours filled with blackberry buttercream
Caramelized nuts, truffles, dulce de leche frosting on top of a brownie
Moist, buttery, fragrant coffee/tea time cake with lots of apples
Russian cake – like cookie horns filled with cherries and layered with whipped cream
Crunchy on top and fluffy inside scones
Quite healthy sweet snack