Pumpkin chiffon tart
pumpkin bread
Chicken pot pie
Peach blueberry pie + cookbook giveaway
Espresso macarons
Balsamic strawberry sponge cake
Fresh berry shortbread tart with cream cheese filling
Blueberry lemon curd cream cake
Chocolate and peanut butter macarons
Chocolate dipped almond shortbread cookies
Mocha cupcakes
Chocolate dipped matcha shortbread cookies
Lasagna bolognese
Lemon and coconut quick bread
Banana chocolate espresso cake
Lemon blueberry and white chocolate cream cake
Perfect pie crut
Toasted coconut banana cream pie
Vegan spiced lentil soup
Mango lime cream tart with coconut crust
Matcha vertical roll cake with black sesame whipped cream
Chocolate ganache mousse cake
Mini Christmas wreath cupcakes
Banana chocolate chip donuts with dulce de leche
Chewy ginger cookies
Baked mini chocolate donuts with matcha glaze
Pumpkin cake with dulce de leche cream cheese frosting