Pesto Genovese-Classic Basil Pesto
Classic Pesto Genovese – Italian Grandma Style
Vegetable noodles
Sneaky way to sneak vegetables into kid’s diet. Please check out the step by step recipe.
Palak Paneer- Spinach cheese curry
Super healthy and flavorful curry, rich with iron and protein. A must try recipe. Please check for step by step instructions.
Garlic Naan
Easy recipe of soft and fluffy garlic naan, with step by step instruction to show how to make the best naan using stove top.
Quick and healthy Pasta spinach
Spinach with pasta is perfect combination for tasty and healthy meal. If you have never made this before then try it for sure.
Creamiest Hummus
A must try recipe if you are aiming to make Creamiest Hummus ever.
Tahini Recipe
Super easy and money saving recipe of famous Tahini, must for Hummus. Step by step instructions.
Creamy mushroom tomato curry
Creamy mushroom tomato curry. Its creamy,tangy and little spicy. It has all flavor we love to have in curry.
Chinese vegetable spring rolls
A classic Chinese four bites dish with crisp texture. Here is a recipe with step by step instruction to make this popular dim sum appetizer.
Mysore Bonda - quick fritters
Quick fritters. It’s crunchy , soft and spongy, which makes you fall in love instantly with fritters. Easy step by step instructions.
Sweet and sour Tapioca with peanuts
A delicious sweet,sour and little spicy recipe of Tapioca. A must try if you haven’t had this before.
Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms
Easy recipe of gorgeous looking Mexican stuffed portobello mushrooms with easy step by step instructions.
Mexican Rice (Spanish Rice)
Restaurant style Mexican rice recipe.Very easy to follow instructions to get the good result.
Fenugreek with cream and chickpeas
Rich creamy gravy with the Fenugreek leaves and chickpeas. A must try.
Tortilla wraps
Simple and quick homemade tortilla wraps. Not only save your time but money too.
Delicious enchiladas! Blend flavors of Mexican tomato sauce and cheese with soft tortillas.
Mexican enchilada sauce
Perfect Mexican tomato sauce for enchiladas and any other side dishes.
Hokkaido Milk Bread
Hokkaido Milk Bread – Soft milk buns with a secret ingredient Tangzhong
Bengali Rasgulla
Delicious cheese dumpling in sugar syrup. A famous Indian dessert